Welcome to Johnston, Dick & Associates Ltd

Broadcasting Consultancy Leader

The history of JDA is forever bound with the history of broadcasting and telecommunications in New Zealand. The company evolved from roots in 1973 to become the largest independent broadcasting consultancy in New Zealand.

Much of this growth was driven by JDA's central involvement in the development of private television, radio and telecommunications networks on a nationwide scale. 

New Zealand's Broadcast and Communications Arena

New Zealand's rugged terrain and widespread population present special problems for radio and television coverage. JDA has always worked within the local environment, developing a detailed knowledge of the terrain, and a deep practical understanding of the special requirements it imposes to deliver national coverage. Overseas consultants on the other hand frequently have difficulties coming to grips with the vagaries of local topographical conditions.

Because JDA has been involved in private broadcasting since its inception in New Zealand, we know virtually all of the major players in the industry, including the regulatory bodies. We have been part of broadcasting and telecommunications evolution here in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands for decades. Our reputation represents a high level of credibility in an ever changing market.

Independent and Impartial

JDA has traditionally worked independent of organisations providing equipment or installation and maintenance services to the broadcasting industry.

This meant JDA negotiated equipment and service supply from all available sources to ensure the best possible prices and contracts for our clients.