Sky Tower

In June 1991, JDA was selected to help design, market and manage Auckland's Sky Tower and its broadcast/telecommunications facilities.

This single structure is the most complex, multi-client broadcasting and telecommunications environment in the country. JDA's independence and ability to deal with many competitive clients made us an ideal choice.

JDA's Involvement with Design & Construction

  • Earthing systems (lightning, technical, and mains)
  • Power supply & ventilation requirements
  • Lift capacities
  • Rigging strategies
  • Mast and antenna


  • Development of marketing strategies
  • Management of tenancy contracts
  • Identification of new user prospects
  • Promotion of the facilities directly to users
  • Liaison with users at management level
  • Costing of services & negotiation of user contracts


  • Security and access
  • Provision and management of technical support services
  • Equipment layout