Site Management

JDA manages many sites throughout New Zealand of various sizes and complexities. The Sky Tower, Auckland's NewCall Tower and the Waikato's Ruru are examples of different types of sites.

JDA offers assistance to building owners who wish to make additional revenue from renting out space on their rooftops to telecommunications tenants. In some cases, rooftop rentals contribute as much as 10% to the total revenues obtained from leasing the office space.

While tall buildings are often sought after because of their superior view, shorter buildings are often useful too, especially if they are built on a natural ridge or have a view into an area of significant business. Usually a building owner does not have the technical knowledge to set rentals, develop telecommunications licenses, oversee installations and handle interference issues, etc. JDA can manage all of these details on the owner's behalf.

We are often approached by industry to find suitable premises for particular applications. Using JDA to manage your buildings puts your properties on our list of eligible prospects.

Some of the key areas in which JDA can assist are:

  • Marketing
  • Site Optimisation
  • Site Maintenance
  • Rental Evaluation
  • Interference Analysis
  • Radiation Safety Limits
  • Independent Co-site Negotiations