Private Radio

Radio broadcasting is another core area of expertise for JDA. We have played a leading role in the design, creation, development and ongoing success of private radio stations throughout New Zealand.

This history began in the 60s, when private radio was born in New Zealand through the determined courage, commitment, and tenacity of Radio Hauraki's founders.

Some Key Stations

The following private radio stations in New Zealand and abroad were realised with the technical expertise of JDA.

  • Radio i Auckland
  • Radio Hauraki Auckland
  • Radio Pacific Auckland
  • Radio Pacific Waikato
  • 89FM Auckland
  • Radio 2XS Palmerston North
  • FM96 Fiji
  • KCC FM Northland
  • Key West Radio Auckland
  • Campus Radio (bFM) Auckland
  • Central FM Rotorua & Taupo

In most cases, JDA was involved in developing, constructing and/or providing station studios, all equipment, transmission links, broadcast masts and antennas.

We also provided ongoing management of technical support services.