JDA Sites

Transmission Sites available through JDA

JDA operates and manages a large portfolio of Transmission towers and facilities across New Zealand, both self-owned and third-party Sites.

Many different Radio and Television broadcasters, Telecommunications operators and Broadband carriers have transmission equipment mounted within and up on facilities and towers that JDA manage.

JDA is well experienced to meet with new clients to:

  • negotiate and complete leases and tenancy agreements,
  • allocate the respective equipment space, utility resources and tower space or mountings,
  • arrange or coordinate the installation and commissioning; to ensure all Technical and Health & Safety standards are met on site - and to ensure minimum disruption to other clients' equipment or services.

[Click on either of the maps below to see enlarged detail of sites that JDA manage]

If you do not see a location that exactly meets your requirements, then contact us, as we will know third-parties with relevant options, or our Engineers can even help you design and build your own.


North Island Sites

South Island Sites