Digital Television Network

JDA owns and operates a Digital Terrestrial TV network that distributes TV coverage to the sub regions of New Zealand. 

JDA was very heavily involved in the planning and implementation of the new digital era of broadcasting and operate the Freeview Terrestrial Platform in the following regions:

  • Whangarei
  • Rotorua
  • Taupo
  • Gisborne
  • Whanganui
  • Wairarapa
  • Nelson
  • Timaru
  • Invercargill

The platform is available in these regions for "any" new TV network or regional broadcasters who wish to connect and transmit their content.

Evolution of Digital Television in New Zealand

JDA played a central role in the creation of New Zealand's first private television network, TV3

JDA provided the transmission testimony for the tribunal hearings, which enabled TV3 to win the first warrant for private television in New Zealand. JDA were also major contributors to the innivative development of the VHF channel plan which was implemented for the three networks: TV One, TV2 and TV3.

JDA also discovered that it was possible to fit a fourth television network, TV4 (now "BRAVO"), into the VHF channel plan and, after providing appropriate resolution of the interference analysis, JDA convinced the Ministry that the new plan was feasible. As a result, TV4 was created with minimal acquisition of new spectrum.

JDA has custom software to predict coverage from arbitrary transmission sites using a digital terrain database and sophisticated diffraction algorithms. We used this software extensively for TV3 and TV4 to select appropriate locations to achieve the best coverage possible with the minimum number of sites.

We have also been involved in several TVNZ special projects and the expansion of the Maori TV and Prime TV networks. Our independence allows us to offer complete, confidential services to any client.