Auckland Sky Tower

In June 1991, JDA was selected to help design, market and manage the Auckland Sky Tower's broadcasting and telecommunications techical facilities.

This single structure is the most complex, multi-client broadcasting and telecommunications environment in New Zealand.
JDA's independence and ability to deal with many competitive clients made us an ideal choice.

JDA's Involvement with Design & Construction

  • Earthing systems (lightning, technical, and mains)
  • Power supply & ventilation requirements
  • Lift capacities
  • Rigging strategies
  • Mast and antenna


  • Development of marketing strategies
  • Management of tenancy contracts
  • Identification of new user prospects
  • Promotion of the facilities directly to users
  • Liaison with users at management level
  • Costing of services & negotiation of user contracts


  • Security and access
  • Provision and management of technical support services
  • Equipment layout