JDA has been involved in all aspects of the evolution of broadcasting in New Zealand from the first days of private radio, through implementation of the first AM stereo station outside of North America, the introduction of FM into New Zealand, the design, implementation and management of the first private televison network, the creation of the channel plan that allowed the TV4 (C4) network and the design, implementation, marketing and managing of the first major independent broadcast site.

JDA has also been called on to design and implement land mobile systems where the systems were "tricky" enough to warrant our special skills. For Example, the Auckland Surf Life Savers (as they were known then) had a need to connect all of their surf clubs from Whangarei Heads to Mairangi Bay on the East Coast and Muriwai to Raglan on the West Coast back to Auckland and to each other, a total of 17 repeater sites. This was difficult enough but due to lack of spectrum the system had to be designed around only two VHF frequencies!

This "co-channel" network needed very careful design of antennas and transmitter powers to minimise interference between sites. And it was achieved. The system went to air on time and within budget.